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News/Talk Stations Are ‘Protecting Their Turf’ Online

News/Talk Stations Are 'Protecting Their Turf' Online

Radio stations are protecting their turf “by taking full advantage of the digital revolution and opportunities created by the Internet,” a radio marketing firm says.
News Generation issued a summary of a recent survey of 50 news, talk and news-talk stations in the top 50 markets.
“More than half … are streaming 90% of their on-air content, and 20 out of the 50 stations are streaming 100% of their on-air content,” the company stated.
“While the majority of stations are audio streaming, only six out of the 50 stations currently use podcasting or MP3 streaming technology.”
Other findings:
“Stations told us that the overall goal of their audio streaming is to keep listener drop-off at a minimum” rather than attract new listeners.
Responsibility for managing station web sites is changing, “finding its way from promotions to programming.”
DJs are promoting their sites, mentioning the website two to three times per hour; 40% require their on-air personnel to mention the station’s website three times per hour. Other marketing tools include offering free e-mail services, concert tickets, sales of CDs and station merchandise.