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NextRadio Auto Integration — “Not If, But When”

Now 34 devices come preloaded with NextRadio FM app

NextRadio and iBiquity Digital are getting feedback on their combined auto demo from CES. The platform combines analog and HD Radio reception with NextRadio’s interactive station, artist, advertising and social media services.

NextRadio and iBiquity showed off the platform to automakers and OEM audio suppliers, we reported. The companies believe the visual and interactive aspects of the solution resonated with automakers and their audio suppliers, according to the latest Emmis blog, calling it “a logical and compelling face for radio in a modern dash.”

They came away from the show knowing that NextRadio can be deployed rapidly into vehicle production. “Not if, but when,” according to Emmis latest blog.

“Proponents of mobile operating systems for connected dashboards, like Google’s OAA, were excited to see a broadcast radio solution that would work as well within that software space as other internet based in-car entertainment,” said Emmis.

Meanwhile, two more smartphone models have been released that come preloaded with the NextRadio FM app: the ZTE Speed and Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE from Boost Mobile. That brings to 34 the number of devices that come loaded with the NextRadio FM app.

Also, the HTC Desire 816, which is already supporting NextRadio through Virgin Mobile, is now available on Sprint Prepaid plans.