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NextRadio Beta-Testing Interactive Ads On Smartphones

Advertisers, broadcasters and Sprint are taking part in ads on FM-enabled smartphones

NextRadio and TagStation are planning to beta test the enhanced ad capabilities of FM-enabled smartphones.

Emmis SVP/CTO Paul Brenner tells Radio World that “national brand” advertisers, broadcasters and Sprint are taking part. They’ve begun the process of running synchronous beta-testing Enhanced Ad campaigns alongside their radio campaigns.

The tests will measure results for advertisers using consumer actions on mobile phones through Tagstation into NextRadio FM Smartphones. Participating radio advertisers will be adding a level of interactivity with consumers connecting with them via texting, clicking to call, linking to websites, mobile couponing, sharing, or by using location-based services.

Asked what markets are involved, Brenner says initially large markets using the full interactive capabilities of the NextRadio app and TagStation. “Remember, NextRadio did a target market launch with eight markets, we will look to those first to gain more coverage. The timing is to run over the next several months with exact schedules to be determined,” says Brenner.

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