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NextRadio Can Now Tell the Story of User Retention

Comments are rolling in since NextRadio deployed a user prompt

Emmis is learning more about the listening habits of NextRadio app users.

The NextRadio team believes that since the app is preloaded on the available Sprint smartphones, they expect to see a high retention rate and an initial rate of 83–85% shows that, according to their most recent blog.

“Being preloaded on the phone and having that tremendous app retention means that we’re afforded the luxury of a nice big constituency when NextRadio strengthens with content and consumer awareness reaches a higher plane,” says the NextRadio team.

Since Sprint released three more phones with the embedded app on Nov. 8, Emmis has seen an almost 50% increase in daily user activations. The company predicts that Sprint will release another prepaid smartphone with the embedded app in January from Boost Mobile, which is also part of the Sprint Network.

Comments are rolling in since NextRadio deployed a prompt for users to describe their experience with the app.

One user calls the NextRadio app “way better than Pandora because it doesn’t require Internet all the time” while another says “Works flawlessly. Everyone said that the Sprint G2 didn’t have an FM tuner … looks like they were wrong.”

More than 5,100 stations have been tuned to from the app to date and there have been more than 75,000 app downloads.