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NextRadio Charts One Million Listening Minutes

Team is meeting advertisers about reach, interactivity

The NextRadio team is meeting with advertising agencies to get them acquainted with the FM app and its interactive campaigns.

The combination of mass radio reach and digital targeting possibilities has been well received, according to the latest Emmis blog.

McDonald’s chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl said at the International CES that the company is looking for ways to think big but act small when it comes to personalizing and targeting messages. “A big powerful idea that can be contextually relevant is always better than relentless activity,” the blog quotes her as saying.

On Jan. 24, NextRadio reached a milestone of one million minutes of app listening in one day, according to the team. That, in addition to predicted listening and device growth, plus interaction percentages potentially equal “massive” amounts of engagement, according to the NextRadio team.