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NextRadio Logs 2 Million Listening Hours

Expect that number to grow as FM chip promotional campaign launches in Q1

More than two million hours of listening through the NextRadio app have been monitored to-date. Emmis reports at this growth rate, the first year of one million hours will grow to four million hours in year two.

The rate is certain to grow as an FM chip promotional campaign gets underway in the first quarter.

The NextRadio app has been downloaded on 1.33 million smartphones and more than 10,910 FM stations have been tuned to from the app.

Now that NextRadio and iBiquity are working more closely, the Emmis folks will join iBiquity in its booth at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. They plan to demo an auto solution at the January show.

The demo will combine the broadcast enhancements of HD Radio and TagStation, according to the latest Emmis blog.