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NextRadio Takes a Bite of Apple With Streaming

“Still committed to unlocking the FM chip in all phones”

Apple smartphone users can now download the NextRadio app from the App Store to listen to streamed FM stations.

NextRadio — the Emmis-owned business whose app combines local FM reception with internet functionality — has yet to convince industry giant Apple to turn on over-the-air FM tuning in iPhones; that remains a big goal for NextRadio.

But the move helps expand its footprint into the iPhone world. It has introduced a free Apple version of the app that allows Apple users to listen to streamed content from local FM stations.

“NextRadio is still committed to unlocking the FM chip in all phones but wants to offer consumers the choice to listen to live, local radio on any phone,” it states on its website. “We developed a streaming version until this goal becomes a reality.”

From its announcement: “NextRadio offers the most local radio FM stations available through a single app to Apple users for the first time.” The company also highlights its Live Guide feature, which “allows users to see and select from what’s playing on local stations in real time all at once, rather than search through each station for something they want to hear.”

The Apple version requires iOS version 10 or later and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. The original NextRadio FM app for Android has also been updated to support streaming and is available in the Google Play Store.

A new download page offers these options to consumers.