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NFL Listening Overlaps Complements TV Campaigns

Westwood One blog highlights how radio ads supplement frequency

Westwood One Senior Vice President Sports Sales and Marketing Brandon Berman considered the relationship between the NFL, advertisers, radio and television in a recent blog post entitled “Case Study: How Radio Amplifies TV Frequency.”

He highlights the findings of Nielsen in a Westwood One/NFL case study, which found that radio advertising can supplement NFL TV campaigns and add frequency most among those with the lightest exposure to the TV spots.

Using the Portable People Meter panel, Nielsen analyzed the campaign of an advertiser that invested in both TV and radio campaigns across the NFL 2014 season. Since the TV and the radio ad exposure were measured from the same national Portable People Meter panel, Nielsen could measure cross-media reach and frequency.

“The Westwood One NFL Radio audience offers advertisers the ability to reach those TV viewers only lightly exposed to their NFL TV campaign,” the blog said. 

A full report about the NFL consumer is available on SlideShare.