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Nielsen: Don’t Forget Weekends

Ratings kingpin sees large weekend audiences

Nielsen, in its latest “State of the Media: 2016 Audio Today Report,” points to large numbers of weekend listeners.

According to Nielsen, “Radio’s ability to reach consumers in large numbers isn’t confined to the Monday-Friday workweek. Across several of the major buying demographics that advertisers covet, radio’s reach on the weekends often rivals the reach we see Monday-Friday. For example, the radio reaches nearly three-fourths (72%) of Millennials (18–34) nationwide on the weekend, second only to the afternoon/early evening, also known as the ‘PM Drive,’ at 75% penetration.”

The number is even higher with 25–54-year-olds with over three-quarters of them taking up radio listening on the weekend.

The whole report, downloadable here, has much more depth including looks at media platform usage, radio network programming reach, listening by age groups, select ethnicities, dayparts, along with top formats and songs for 2015.