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Nielsen Ratings Rise on PPM Combination

Local market trial combined Nielsen Local People Meter ratings with PPM to measure mobile TV audience

Nielsen said viewing increased when the audience measurement company combined local people meter ratings with Portable People Meter data to measure TV audiences away from home.

In a three-month Chicago trial over a complete day, out-of-home viewing added a 7% to 9% ratings lift for the 25 to 54 audience.

Daytime saw the largest increases of any daypart, while prime-time ratings were also significantly larger with the inclusion of out-of-home viewing, according to Nielsen. By genre, sports programming saw the largest lift — in April sports ratings increased 14% after including out-of-home viewing — but the test also revealed increases for other types of programming, including news.

The concept is similar to Arbitron’s radio-TV PPM trials from a decade ago in Wilmington, Del., and Philadelphia and we’ll see if at some point in the future the trials include radio.

Nielsen says the “groundbreaking” test allows broadcasters, media buyers and sellers to quantify for the first time the ratings lift generated by viewers tuning in while away from home.

“Understanding how consumers view television away from home is critical to our clients and measuring out-of-home expands the viewing pie,” according to Nielsen EVP Managing Director Matt O’Grady.