Niles Audio Brings HD-R Broadcasts to Entire Home

Niles Audio Brings HD-R Broadcasts to Entire Home
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Niles Audio Corp. has released an HD Radio module for the company’s whole-house distributed audio system.
Called IntelliControl ICS, the module lets a user listen to HD Radio main and HD2 channels through his or her distributed audio system while viewing HD-R data on the system’s wireless iRemote, touchscreens and wall-mounted displays. IntelliControl ICS is the first HD radio-enabled wireless product to display HD radio datacasting on a wireless user interface, Niles Audio claims.
Using the system, listeners can also hear their satellite radio programming, or programming from their iPods, CDs or IP-based music players.
Niles Audio will introduce the HD Radio module at CEDIA Expo 2006 next month in Denver. It will ship in early 2007.
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