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Nine Groups Move Ahead in Effort to Win NCE CPs

FCC announces threshold fair distribution analyses in MXE applications from 2007 window

The FCC has named tentative winners among nine groups of mutually exclusive applications for new or modified NCE FM station CPs.

The winning groups, those selected tentatively, include Calvary Chapel of Montclair for a station in Taylortown, N.J.; Nevada City Community Broadcast Group for Willows, Calif.; Iglesia Christiana el Verbo de Dios Inc. for Spanish Spring, Nev.; Electronic Applications Radio Service Inc. for Wilmington, Ohio; The Center for Education Nonprofit Corp. for Eldorado, Texas; the University of Wisconsin for Niagara, Mich.; Servants of Mary for Geneva, Ohio; and KC Club Inc. for Bellefonte, Pa.

One of the more complex determinations was from a group of 24 applications that proposed service to 17 different communities in New York and Vermont. That one went to Vermont Public Radio for Middlebury, Vt.

The commission said applicants have had the opportunity to settle among themselves and now were subject to a comparative process. The Audio Division of the Media Bureau uses service area population data and certifications to conduct this “threshold analysis.”

This decision doesn’t guarantee that these groups will get stations; petitions to deny now may be filed.