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NJ Radio Broadcasts For Literacy

NJ Radio Broadcasts For Literacy

In an initiative to increase children’s literacy, Scholastic Books Clubs has teamed up with New Jersey’s Governor Jim McGreevey in a series of radio spots promoting the Governor’s Book Club.
The spots, which clock in at 60, 30 and 20 seconds, are running on 105 radio station, 93 of which are in New Jersey. They are expected to continue until the close of the school year.
“We got an initial report and (the spots are) doing incredibly well,” says Francesco Sedita of Scholastic Book Clubs. “The reason why we decided to work with radio was because (Scholastic) has done it before with some other campaigns…and they were extremely successful. We just thought it made so much sense to put the governor on the radio talking directly to teachers, parents and kids.”
Scholastic works with New-Jersey-based DWJ to produce the ads. The Governor’s Book Club is a new program as of Sept. 2002. Scholastic, along with the Office of Early Literacy, helps the Book Club to select books for kids between kindergarten and third grade. With the help of New Jersey companies, the books are made available to every elementary school in the state.