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NJBA’s Push for FM Chip Activation Goes Digital

Pressure on Verizon to continue

In its continuing effort to pressure Verizon to activate the FM chips in many smartphones under the company’s plans, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association is increasing the avenues for people to voice their complaints at the phone carrier with the recently launched FreeRadioOnMyPhone.organd radio ads running throughout New Jersey.

Three weeks ago, Paul Rotella of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association called on all Verizon users and broadcasters to send letters to Verizon President and CEO Lowell McAdam to express their desire for Verizon to activate the FM Chips in cellphones on a Verizon plan. Now Rotella and the NJBA are going digital, inviting people to now voice their desire for Verizon to activate the FM chips through a website and social media.

Rotella recently penned another letter urging supporters to visit to make their voice heard by Verizon. He also recommends that people follow NextRadio on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, urging them to retweet and share posts they send out to Verizon.

In addition, the NJBA has created a couple of audio ads — voiced by Rotella himself — to highlight what the FM chip can do and what people can do to encourage Verizon to activate it. You can listen to those ads below.

Verizon is one of the last major phone carriers to not activate the FM chip in phones; AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have already done so. The FM chip allows for FM radio to play on phones for free, as well as the ability to continue to broadcast FM radio when the cellphone has no service, which Rotella stresses as a public safety service.