No Antitrust Concerns for Google in dMarc Deal

No Antitrust Concerns for Google in dMarc Deal
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Reuters reports that Web company Google has received antitrust clearance to acquire the ad software and technology firm dMarc Broadcasting Inc.; the news service quoted U.S. authorities.
The deal was for $102 million in cash and could involve additional payments that could reach up to $1.14 billion over three years depending on revenue and ad inventory goals.


What Google Wants With dMarc Broadcasting

Google's search for a broadcast technology partner to diversify its online advertising model has led it to purchase an upstart software company founded in 2002 by two brothers interested in developing broadcast technology.

Future of Google 'Audio Ads'?

The departure of dMarc Broadcasting founders and brothers Chad and Ryan Steelberg from Google could signal problems with the Internet company's Audio Ads venture, some radio industry analysts believe.