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No EAS Gear Means Fine for KBXD

Station confirms lack of alerting equipment

The FCC has proposed a $9,000 fine for JCE Licenses, which owns KBXD(AM), Dallas.

During an inspection in January 2013, the FCC agent noticed the station had no EAS equipment and no related logs to document when alerts were transmitted or received. There was also no evidence that any EAS equipment used to be installed but had been removed for repair or replacement before the inspection, according to the commission.

Indeed, the station’s GM confirmed to the agent that KBXD had been without EAS equipment since November 2012, after the facility returned to the air. KBXD could have noted in its log it failed to receive EAS tests after it resumed operations because its EAS equipment wasn’t installed, noted the agency in its decision this week.

The base fine for not having working EAS equipment is $8,000; the agency tacked on another $1,000 for the lack of EAS logs.

Within 30 days, JCE must submit a sworn statement to the FCC confirming that it has installed working EAS equipment in KBXD. The licensee also has 30 days to appeal, or pay the fine.