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No Forms Yet Available for New Online Fees

No Forms Yet Available for New Online Fees

As Webcasters enter the final week before the close of the first Internet sound recording performance reporting period, which ends Aug. 31, a major tool has yet to make an appearance: the reporting templates. Reports of sound recording performances over the Internet, along with copyright payments, are due Oct. 20.
SoundExchange, the self-described “dynamic and modern organization comprised of large, medium and small recording companies and artist representatives,” has been tasked by the Librarian of Congress to provide templates to allow Webcasters to report required information on sound recording streaming from Oct. 28, 1998 through Aug. 31, 2002. Radio World has been told the templates will soon be available on the SoundExchange Web site.
Webcasters nervous about the Oct. 20 date for filing the reports can follow the suggestion on SoundExchange’s Licensing Reporting Requirements Web site page: “Contact the SoundExchange Data Administration Department for details.” SoundExchange’s phone number is (202) 828-0120.