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No Jail Time for Florida Pirate

‘Dunbar Community Radio’ operator to perform community service

The operator of a pirate station in the Dunbar community in Lee County, Florida has agreed to perform 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time.

Al Knighten had faced up to five years of jail time under Florida law, according to WINK(TV), Fort Myers, Fla. which reported the state attorney changed course and decided to drop the piracy charges.

Knighten admitted he operated “Dunbar Community Radio” illegally out of his Fort Myers home. Local police and the FCC raided Knighten’s home in December and took the station off the air.

Knighten and a fellow DJ told WBBH(TV),Fort Myers,the licensing process had been too expensive but Thursday Knighten told the station they’ll try to license the station legally now that they have more monetary support.