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Nokia Brings FM to Cell Phones

Nokia Brings FM to Cell Phones

For you movers and shakers who enjoy a hands-free cell phone, listening to the radio when you’re not chatting could be the flip of a headset switch away. At CTIA Wireless 2003, Nokia introduced the FM Radio Headset, which will initially be compatible with the Nokia 6100 phone. Complete with stereo earpieces and a digital tuner, integrated volume control, radio station seek and a send/end button let the user access both radio and phone functions from the headset unit. It draws its power from the phone’s rechargeable battery. Nokia owners with a compatible phone connect the unit to the Pop-Port connector on their handset, plug in their earpieces and use the LCD display for tuning. The FM Radio Headset is expected to be available during the 2nd quarter of 2003.