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Nokia Will Use aacPlus Codec

Nokia Will Use aacPlus Codec

Nokia will incorporate the aacPlus codec into future products.
Coding Technologies said it signed a “major” licensing deal with the mobile communications firm. The company said mobile operators SK Telecom, Vodafone and mmO2 also use aacPlus for mobile music services.
Digital Radio Mondiale, Ibiquity Digital, XM Satellite Radio use coding products from Coding Technologies for their digital radio systems.
“By offering highest audio quality at lowest bit rates, aacPlus is the enabling factor for the technical and economic feasibility of such services,” it stated.
The technology is intended to support service offerings like music downloads, streaming and higher-quality ring tones.
MPEG-4 aacPlus is the AAC codec coupled with Coding Technologies Spectral Band
Replication and Parametric Stereo technologies. The developer says aacPlus allows streaming and downloadable 5.1 multichannel audio at 128 kbps and “near CD-quality” stereo at 32 kbps, excellent quality stereo at 24 kbps and good quality for mixed content below 16 kbps mono.