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Noncoms Join the Arbitron Book; Satellite Channels Are Delayed

Noncoms Join the Arbitron Book; Satellite Channels Are Delayed

Noncom radio stations are going to be part of the Arbitron book.
The research company said starting with fall survey reports, public and non-commercial radio stations will be eligible for reporting in its local market ratings reports.
Public and non-commercial radio stations are currently reported in Arbitron’s Maximi$er and Media Professional respondent level data services and in the special public radio service marketed by the Radio Research Consortium. Non-commercial stations are also currently reported in Arbitron’s national radio ratings services such as Nationwide and the National/Regional Database.
Meantime, Arbitron said it is delaying until sometime next year its plans to start reporting individual satellite radio channels, saying it needs to refine the rules for crediting satellite entries. It had hoped to start this fall.
Among matters it must finalize is how to handle diary entries that could be assigned to either satellite or over-the-air stations, such as when a listener writes “NFL Football” or “Major League Baseball.”