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Noory Campaigns on EMPs

“It is not a matter of if, but when we will experience an EMP”

Most radio show causes are relatively predictable — raising money for or drawing attention to somebody sick, preventing or fighting an affliction, saving a cuddly animal, etc. — but have you ever heard of a campaign against EMPs?

Premiere Networks-syndicated “Coast to Coast AM” host George Noory is going where no host has gone before and educating the public and politicians on the threat of electromagnet pulses. Such pulses would destroy electrical equipment, including radios, computers and power grids, so Noory sees a public and a self-interest.

Besides resulting from a nuclear explosion, a larger, more devastating worldwide pulse arising from a solar storm could result from a solar event. A large solar event happened merely two years ago.

“As part of the campaign, Noory will regularly welcome scientific experts and government leaders to his program … in an effort to inform the public about the vulnerability of America’s infrastructure and the need to retrofit the U.S. power grid, as well as the steps necessary to reduce the magnitude of an EMP event or attack,” a release says.

Noory said, “I implore all individual states, the president and members of Congress to immediately develop a plan to protect our power grid … It is not a matter of if, but when we will experience an EMP event or attack. We need to be ready now.”