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Not So Fast’ on Fiber, Say Dems

Not So Fast' on Fiber, Say Dems

While the Republican FCC commissioners support removing barriers to encourage telephone companies to invest in building fiber networks to homes, the Democratic commissioners opposed how it was accomplished. Michael Copps opposed it entirely and Jonathan Adelstein, who may soon be leaving the commission if his recess appointment doesn’t come through, opposed part of what the agency decided.
Copps called the approach “dangerous,” and said it actually would restrict consumer choice. He also said it doesn’t “bode well for independent providers of Voice over IP services who don’t own or control the physical layer of the network.” Putting the so-called “last mile” of communications beyond the reach of competitors can only entrench incumbent carriers, he believes.
Adelstein agreed with much of the decision but still called it “overbroad” and fails to address the level of competition between incumbent carriers and new entrants to deploy fiber to either the home or curb loops.