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NPR, Public TV Unhappy With Bush Budget

NPR, Public TV Unhappy With Bush Budget

Four of the country’s top public broadcast officials say President Bush’s 2004 budget would “seriously compromise our ability to deliver the services we are required by law to provide to the American people.”
The statement was issued in response to the president’s 2004 budget plan by Robert T. Coonrod of the CPB; Pat Mitchell of PBS; Kevin Klose of National Public Radio; and John Lawson of the Association of Public Television Stations. All are the president/CEOs of their respective organizations.
They said public broadcasting is at a “critical technological crossroads,” citing the deadline next year for public TV to convert to digital transmission and the marketplace pressures on public radio stations to do so.
“Although the President’s budget recognizes these pressing needs, it provides no funding for these purposes,” they wrote.

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