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‘NPR Radio’ Is Shipping

Internet receiver, announced earlier, is out

The “NPR Radio” is shipping.

The public radio network put out word that the product, made by Livio and announced earlier, now is available.

Selling points for this “standalone, NPR-dedicated Internet radio” include access to a thousand NPR station streams, 800 podcasts and NPR audio archives.

By “dedicated,” NPR means the radio has an NPR menu that lets users find, search and bookmark NPR stations, podcasts and content, by topic or by program. A “My NPR” button on the front lets listeners store favorite stations. But it also offers access to other Internet stations.

Use of the device requires an Internet connection with a wireless router, or an available Ethernet port for a wired connection. It is compatible with Wi-Fi, DSL and cable Internet.

It’s being sold on the Web sites of both NPR and Livio. The retail price is $199.99.