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NPR Reporters Go Deeper in “Embedded”

The podcast asks questions, gathers narratives from the front lines

On March 31 NPR launches “Embedded,” a podcast hosted by Kelly McEvers, co-host of “All Things Considered” and a recent correspondent in the Middle East. “Embedded” will take stories from the news and go deep, asking questions and gathering narratives found at the front lines.

McEvers and other NPR reporters will be embedded with the people and in the places where the news is happening, a release explained. “Embedded” will provide reporting from around the country, and around the world, with NPR’s reach and perspective but with an emphasis on storytelling, it added.

“We are excited about this new showcase for NPR journalism,” said Christopher Turpin, NPR’s vice-president of news programming and operations. “Kelly is an intrepid reporter and wonderful storyteller with a unique voice that resonates with listeners.”

McEvers and other reporters will embed with Texas biker gangs, police on Skid Row, the makers of a negative political ad, and the people most affected by El Salvador’s gang war. “Embedded” is also a place where NPR reporters will get personal. They’ll admit they are scared, confused or wonder what to make of new situations, the release said.

“When you read a headline in your news feed, you have a lot of questions,” said McEvers. “For me, the only way to answer those questions is to go there, spend some time, get to know the people in the middle of the story.”

The first episode of “Embedded” will air March 31; an iTunes trailer is available now. Shorter versions of some of the stories will air on “All Things Considered” starting on that date. “Embedded” will be available in the NPR One app, and wherever podcasts are available.

In addition, “Embedded” is partnering with WBUR’s “On Point,” to produce up to five shows unpacking the stories featured in select “Embedded” episodes. Together, “On Point” host Tom Ashbrook and McEvers will add a new dimension to the podcast, advancing issues raised and inviting the live national “On Point” audience into the conversation, the release said.

“I think the ‘On Point’ audience is going to really like ‘Embedded,’” said Ashbrook. “It’s smart, driving and fits with our content perfectly. We’re excited to be part of the project.”

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