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NPR to Expand News Staff

NPR to Expand News Staff

Despite downsizing by broadcast news outlets, here’s a media outlet that is adding newspeople. And you can thank Joan Kroc.
NPR is going to use some of the $225 million bequest left by the heiress to beef up its news resources. That includes expanding the news staff.
NPR’s annual operating budget is approximately $100 million a year, according to its Web site. The network has told member stations it intends to invest most of the Kroc funds and spend the annual earnings.
Those earnings, expected to total at least $13 million over the next three years, will allow NPR to hire roughly 45 news staffers, such as reporters, producers and editors, to provide more resources for its premier news magazines “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered,” according to a spokeswoman.
The network plans to open more overseas news bureaus, possibly in Latin America or Africa. NPR also plans to use some of the Kroc money to train young journalists.
NPR heard from those handling the Kroc estate last fall that it was to receive the funds, described at the time as the largest monetary gift ever given to an American cultural institution.

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