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NPR’s “Day to Day” Launches, Based in L.A.

NPR's "Day to Day" Launches, Based in L.A.

NPR’s new radio newsmagazine “Day to Day” hits the ground running with approximately 50 affiliates, including five of the top 10 markets, NPR said. It launched Monday.
The program is produced in collaboration with Slate Magazine and uses contributors from both. NPR correspondent Alex Chadwick hosts from the new NPR West facility in Los Angeles.
Regular contributors include writer and NPR correspondent Karen Grigsby Bates, former “On The Media” producer-at-large Mike Pesca, personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post, former “Daily Show” correspondent Brian Unger and Weekly Standard senior editor Christopher Caldwell.
Slate contributors include Founding Editor Michael Kinsley, Editor-in-Chief Jacob Weisberg, Chief Political Correspondent William Saletan, Mickey Kaus, Margo Howard, who writes the “Dear Prudence” column, and Emily Yoffe.
The new NPR facility also hosts “The Tavis Smiley Show.”