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NPR’s Wahl Wins Mayoral Race

Bruce Wahl is now 'Mr. Mayor'

NPR’s Bruce Wahl will be sworn in tonight as mayor of Chesapeake Beach, Md.

By day, Wahl is Senior Solutions Architect in the Distribution Division, involved in the architecture of Content Depot. He tells me that he, along with about 12 other NPR staffers, pulled an all-nighter on Sunday updating ConDep.

Chesapeake Beach, in Calvert County, is on the Chesapeake Bay; Wahl estimates the town has about 4,000 residents.

Wahl, a Chesapeake Beach resident since 1985, tells me he’s been on the town council for 19.5 years; the last eight as vice president. He’s just won his fifth election, and his first mayoral race. The term for the volunteer position is four years.

Wahl will now begin a four-day a week schedule at NPR to devote every Monday to his mayoral duties in the town hall; he’ll have an open-door policy “for any citizen who wants to talk.” Among Wahl’s priorities is extending the town’s sewer system to some 60 homes now using septic tanks.