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NRB Board Criticizes Internet Title II Proposal

Resolution describes Title II as “heavy-handed” and it could encourage authoritarians in other nations

The National Religious Broadcasters are meeting at their annual convention in Nashville and its board of directors has issued a resolution opposing proposed Title II categorization of parts of the Internet.

The resolution in part said, “NRB urges the FCC to reject the use of Title II or any other heavy-handed regulatory approach to the Internet. NRB further urges the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the United States to uphold a position of a ‘light touch’ toward the Internet and to continue to work to ensure principles of freedom, and particularly freedom of speech, on the Internet globally.”

The resolution also addressed the precedent such government control over the Internet would set. It would “‘send a poor signal to nations that have or are considering more state governance of the Internet,’ and may encourage ‘repressive regimes that would like an international body like the International Telecommunications Union of the United Nations to have increased authority over the Internet,’” a release said.