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NRB Enthused About Proposed Fundraising Rule Change

Noncoms will be able to use more air time to support the ‘charitable impulse’

Religious broadcasters are giving big thumbs up to news of a proposed FCC rule change.

The National Religious Broadcasters said it “enthusiastically” supports the action concerning noncommercial radio stations and on-air fundraising. If passed, the rule change “would support America’s charitable impulse, making a positive difference in the lives of people in need, here and around the world,” NRB President/CEO Dr. Frank Wright stated.

The fundraising issue has been a regulatory priority for NRB; and as RW reported last fall, the organization expected the FCC to move ahead after receiving supportive comments from Chairman Julius Genachowski.

FCC rules prohibit noncom stations from fundraising for other nonprofits without a waiver. NRB feels this arrangement “ignores the work of charities serving daily needs in local communities, works that naturally synchronize with the missions and social service goals of many noncommercial broadcasters.” It wants the FCC to let noncom stations spend up to 1/100th of its annual on-air time raising funds for third-party nonprofit groups; this works out to about 88 hours a year.

The commission now has proposed the change. Comments are being taken to MB Docket 12-43.

Noncom Fundraising Rules Need Tweaking, NRB Says