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NRB Opposes Nadler Performance Royalty Bill

Group says royalty would be “crushing blow”

The National Religious Broadcasters opposes the draft legislation revealed this week that would tie broadcast streaming to performance royalties.

NRB President/CEO Dr. Frank Wright says the monetary requirements from the draft legislation from New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler would be a “crushing blow” many Christian radio broadcasters.

The demonstrable value of radio airtime is ignored by many advocates of a new over-the-air performance “tax,” according to Wright, who adds that musicians receive free airplay by radio, boosting recognition and sales of their work.

However, advertisers, sponsors, program syndicators pay for placement on radio because of the substantive benefits they receive from OTA carriage.

He invited Christian musicians to participate with NRB in a more coordinated collaboration on the topic.

The NAB also opposes the draft bill.