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NRSC Settles on IBOC RF Mask Compliance Measurement Guidelines

Revives RBDS Subcommittee

The National Radio Systems Committee voted on RF AM and FM mask compliance guidelines for IBOC this weekend. The technical standards-setting body also revived its RBDS Subcommittee.

The 90+ page IBOC measurement guideline, NRSC-G201, provides detailed instructions on best practices for determining RF mask compliance for the situations most likely to be experienced by stations and manufacturers.

The idea is to minimize variation so results are consistent, David Maxson of Broadcast Signal Labs, who shepherded much of the work, told Radio World.

The guidelines will be posted on the NRSC Web site in approximately four weeks.

The revived RDBS Subcommittee has some 36 members, according to Chair Barry Thomas of Lincoln Financial. Europe has updated its data standard and the subcommittee is looking at whether it should incorporate those changes in the U.S. standard. The next meeting is not yet set.