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NRSC to Exhibit for First Time

NRSC to Exhibit for First Time

For the first time in recent memory, the influential National Radio Systems Committee will have a booth at a trade show.
David Layer said the standards-setting group will exhibit at next month’s NAB Radio Show in Seattle, to generate interest and solicit new members.
“I’ve been here for seven years; it’s the first time since I’ve been here that we’ve done that,” Layer said.
“In the fall and next year, we’ll be working on IBOC standards,” he said. Broadcast groups and other interested parties have a chance to influence that process by becoming NRSC members.
The committee has about 50 member organizations that are interested in U.S. radio. It is run jointly by the NAB and the CEA, representing broadcasters and receiver manufacturers respectively.
Layer, director of advanced engineering for the Science and Technology Department of NAB, helps administer the group.
The NRSC and its DAB subcommittee both plan to meet in Seattle on Sept. 12.