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NRSC to Issue RFP for IBOC

NRSC to Issue RFP for IBOC

Members of the standards-setting body, the National Radio Systems Committee, hailed the proposed merger of USA Digital Radio and Lucent Digital Radio.
“The members expressed unanimous support and thanks to USADR and to LDR for joining forces to bring IBOC DAB to the public at the earliest possible date,” said NRSC Chairman Charles Morgan.
“It’s been a difficult undertaking and I’m optimistic we’re almost there,” said DAB Subcommittee Chairman Milford Smith.
The NRSC has to tweak some of its planned lab and field tests now that there will likely be one system to test for its performance against analog, and not two systems.
Just to be sure, and as part of a formal standards-setting process, the NRSC plans to issue a request for proposals on August 1, in case there are any other companies or individuals developing an IBOC system who have remained out of the limelight.
DAB Subcommittee members were briefed on the announced merger at a meeting on Thursday, July 13.
Leslie Stimson