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NRSC to Look at HD Radio Data Interface

NRSC to Look at HD Radio Data Interface

Members of the National Radio Systems Committee have formed several subgroups to work on different aspects on the HD Radio rollout. The newest subgroup, formed too handle the data aspects of the system, was created when the NRSC met on Saturday. Kenwood’s Mike Bergman and Cox Radio’s Dom Bordonaro co-chair the subcommittee that will look at what’s involved in designing an interface between iBiquity Digital’s HD Radio system and receivers. iBiquity’s current system design includes a data component so the first terrestrial digital radios can display RDS-like information such as song titles and artist names.
But an effort to create an open data standard is also underway and members of this committee are charged with the intricacies of designing the data standard to handle more complex features such as TiVo-like capabilities and telematics. The first meeting of the data sub group is set for after NAB2003.