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NTA: Open Translator Filing Window

Translator group says it is “long overdue”

The National Translator Association is urging the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler to open a new filing window for FM translators, calling them “vital” to many broadcasters.

“It has been more than 12 years since last translator filing window,” said NTA Vice President of Audio and Radio Ched Keiler in a press release. “We would prefer that the FCC consider opening filing windows for all broadcast services on a more frequent periodic basis. This is the only fair way to distribute the usable frequency spectrum for FM translators.”

NTA members consist of TV and FM translator licensees who are “are users of translator services and supporters of enhancing direct broadcast services into all areas all over the U.S., has fought for these services over the course of many years allow news, entertainment, educational and emergency alert messages be heard in difficult reception areas… frequently areas in which broadband, cellphone, TV and radio services are entirely unavailable,” according to a release.