NTI Upgrades Speaker Test System

NTI has introduced new features and software for its PureSound speaker test system.
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NTI has introduced new features and software for its PureSound speaker test system, which measures audible speaker defects. The system consists of the RT-2M high-speed audio analyzer and RT-Speaker software.

New functionalities in the RT-Speaker version 3.01 software upgrade include an enhanced user test sequence capability, support for direct DC-resistance measurement for Thiele/Small parameter calculations and a multipurpose digital I/O interface control for automated measurement tasks.

The enhanced capabilities of the system facilitate complex follow-on tests and sequence control. During testing, the direct measurement of DC resistance of the driver enables precise calculation of quality factors.

According to NTI, the PureSound system eliminates external vibration in the test environment and assures accurate measurement of speaker resistance. DC resistance measurement is by means of an accessory external voltmeter and NTI current source. It is possible to use any individual test results to control digital output lines to an external automation control system or a "smart" fixture.

Version 3.01 also allows simultaneous reading and display of five different sound pressure levels at individual frequencies as well as floating tolerances for frequency response measurements.


NTI Extends Minirator Functions

With version 2.01, the MR-PRO can measure the impedance and phase of the connected load and calculates the related power for 70 V or 100 V systems. Additionally, the software offers an enhanced cable test function and new test signals for amplifier and noise measurements.