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NTIA, FCC Spectrum Leaders Meet to Coordinate Efforts

NTIA, FCC Spectrum Leaders Meet to Coordinate Efforts

FCC Chairman Michael Powell and Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information Michael Gallagher met to plan and coordinate the efforts of the FCC and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on spectrum policy issues. The FCC oversees the use of non-government spectrum and NTIA handles government spectrum.
Powell said, “I am pleased that the FCC and NTIA teams are continuing to work closely on these challenging issues that are important to the continued development of new and enhanced spectrum-based services for businesses, consumers and the military and other federal users.” He said both agencies are making progress on the introduction of new technologies and the identification of spectrum for those technologies.
Gallagher said the NTIA and FCC have implemented policies that support advanced wireless services, next generation networks, ultrawideband, and most recently, broadband over power lines.
“I am proud to say that we have made more spectrum – both licensed and unlicensed – available for new purposes than ever before, while continuing to protect critical government systems from harmful interference.”

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