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NTIA: Working Diligently to Find Spectrum

Files fourth report on 10-year spectrum plan

This article originally appeared in Broadcasting & Cable.

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration this week submitted its fourth report on progress toward the President’s goal of freeing up 500 MHz of federal and nonfederal spectrum by 2020 for wireless broadband, pointing out that it had identified 405 MHz of government spectrum to date for clearing/sharing.

NTIA said that its focus for the next 12 months will be insuring a smooth transition of the 1695–1710 MHz and 1755–1780 MHz bands, which the FCC is auctioning (comprising paired bands of cleared government and commercial spectrum).

In addition, NTIA has outlined a framework for government agencies that are being required by the president to assess how efficient they are at using their spectrum. The president required that plan to be in the fourth report.

“NTIA and the FCC, together with the federal agencies in the PPSG, are continuing to work diligently toward achieving the goals of the 2010 Presidential Memorandum through ongoing rulemaking proceedings and implementation of the Ten-Year Plan, applicable provisions of the Tax Relief Act, and the 2013 Presidential Memorandum,” NTIA said in the conclusion to the report.

It pointed out that the FCC had been doing its part, including “working toward implementation” of the broadcast incentive auction rules. The FCC just released its 484-page order on the incentive auction framework, though the National Association of Broadcasters was not feeling very incentivized to participate.

A copy of the report is available here.