NTR Boost Predicted by RAB

NTR Boost Predicted by RAB
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Most radio stations plan to put more effort into nontraditional revenue this year, according to a survey by the RAB. It found that 85% of respondents plan to increase NTR selling, with 72% indicating more involvement with event marketing.
Other findings: when selling an event, 92 percent of respondents offer sponsorships; 88% offer signage; 84% offer booth space; 75% offer sampling; 65% offer couponing; 51% offer hospitality.
"According to the survey, stations are also finding that they can expand their revenue by making a bigger commitment to the total number of events that they host annually," RAB wrote. "Not only does event marketing continue to dominate radio's NTR efforts, the study showed a 4% boost in the number of stations that present 3 to 5 events a year." Time management is again the top problem in NTR selling, although RAB said there was a slight drop, which it said could represent a trend of salespeople being more able to handle NTR.