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NUO, NUO and NUO Once Again

FCC announces numerous additional notices to unlicensed operators

Unlicensed radio operators near New York City, in Pennsylvania and even in Alaska are among those receiving the latest notices from the Federal Communications Commission.

The latest batch from the FCC went to Ian Duprey in Brooklyn, for operation at 103.1 on the FM dial; John F. Resignac in Monroe, N.Y., for operation on 94.5 in Spring Valley; Julian Gutierrez in Yonkers, N.Y., for 90.9 in the Bronx; Willie Abreau Ulloa for 104.7 in New York; Vital Desvarieux for 99.1 in Spring Valley; Cortelyou 2902 LLC for 103.1 in Brooklyn; and Ginord and Francine Henda Desir for 93.7 in Brooklyn. In nearby New Jersey, Kacy Rankine of West Orange, N.J., received a NUO for 90.1 in Paterson.

Away from the Big Apple, the Enforcement Bureau also issued notices of unlicensed operation to Anchorage Baptist Temple for 99.9 in Anchorage, Alaska, and Jonathan Michael Campbell for 155.190 MHz in Uniontown, Pa.

The commission has announced a flurry of such actions in recent weeks. Its leadership has said that it considers pirate radio enforcement to be a priority; the commission staff also recently began listing these NUOs in its daily digest summary, to help make its ongoing enforcement efforts more visible.