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Nuvoodoo: Stations Need to Have Presence on Smart Speakers

About half of likely meter wearers/diary keepers bought Amazon Echo or Google Home in the past year

Only about 20% of 5,686 NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study respondents (ages 14-54) had purchased an AM/FM radio in the past year, according to NuVoodoo.

However, among the respondents identified as most likely to accept a meter from Nielsen, the number of recent radio purchasers jumps to 36%, and the percentage was even higher among likely Nielsen diary keepers.

But the bad news is that 45% of likely meter wearers and 51% of the likely diary keepers bought an Amazon Echo or Google Home in the past year. Therefore, Nuvoodoo suggests that it is important that stations remind listeners that the station is available on these devices and how to do so.

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