N.Y. Radio Show Sends 'Home' to Soldiers in Iraq

N.Y. Radio Show Sends 'Home' to Soldiers in Iraq
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The "Waking Up With the Wolf" show on WPYX(FM) in Albany, N.Y., is dedicating air one hour at a time to area soldiers serving in Iraq with its "One Hour Slice of Home" promotion, during which family members join the show on the air and take calls from the soldier's friends and co-workers. After the hour is broadcast, a CD featuring selected favorite songs and messages from loved ones is burned for the soldier and sent to him overseas.
"I have...been able to correspond with a number of Capitol District (Albany and Schenectady, N.Y) soldiers serving in Iraq. Every one of them has told me that the donations of food, CD/DVDs and letters from school kids, etc. have helped keep their spirits high, knowing that their sacrifice is much appreciated by those of us back home," said Wolf on the show's Web site. "I started thinking about how else we might be able to help bring home a little closer to them."


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