NYC Meeting Focuses on HTML5

AES section examines working with a content-rich Web
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HTML5 might sound to some people like a recipe for hydrogen tetramethyl lithium (or something) but it’s actually important to the audio industry and is getting more important. HTML5 increasingly is the foundation of the content-rich Web — and everyone knows how important the Web is.

To that point the New York section of the Audio Engineering Society is presenting “Understanding HTML5 and Its Use for Media Streaming” on Nov. 22, starting around 5:30 p.m. The event is at the Microsoft Conference Center; the main attraction will be Ian Bennett of Microsoft. It is free to the public but reservations are required.

Session organizer Dave Bialik explains: “HTML5 is the first time the player is embedded in the browser. All media may have a standard way of playback, though this is only a first step. Media professionals need to know about this, since the streaming audience is becoming more important.”


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