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O’Flynn Returns to Megahertz to Handle Woodwork

Craftsman Bill O'Flynn has returned to Megahertz Broadcast Systems to head up the company's expanding woodworking division.

Craftsman Bill O’Flynn has returned to Megahertz Broadcast Systems to head up the company’s expanding woodworking division.

“Studio furniture almost always has to be custom-designed to suit our clients’ wishes, and it would be completely impractical for us to contract out that level of work, so it has to be a service we offer our clients in-house,” stated Megahertz Managing Director Frances Jarvis. “So often, we need to make alterations to a piece of furniture in an existing design to accommodate a change in our client’s requirements, or even create something new from scratch. Here, it’s a simple matter of taking the plans or ideas down to the woodwork office and having the guys deal with it there and then…”

O’Flynn trained as a building craftsman and plasterer, and later designed and built reproduction antique furniture before first joining Megahertz in the late 1990s. In 2000, he left the company to gain further training and eventually to open his own business.

“Things have changed a lot since I was first employed here. Woodworking tools are much better than they used to be,” said O’Flynn, “you can create more complex designs quickly and more easily yourself, without having to have them custom-manufactured. There are also a lot more interesting, lighter composite materials you can use in studio furniture now.”