Obama Smartphone Akin to POTS?

At least it doesn't have a long coiled cord
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The story about President Barack Obama's ability to keep a smartphone keeps on generating interest.

A reader in Huntington Beach, Calif., writes: "I think it is good that Mr. Obama is keeping his smart device and is using it on a daily basis. I bet the same thing happen[ed] when telephone service was installed in the White House for the first time.

"I am sure there were security concerns about the president using the new device (the old-style cord telephone, black in color). I believe we are going through the same thing, learning how to use and accept such devices among us, including our own White House. I bet if you look, you can find some research or biography about telephones when they first showed up at the White House."


Martin, Obama = Basketball Buds

The chairman said in his first year of law school at Harvard, he and Barack used to shoot hoops in the gym — during breaks from their law school homework during the fall of 1990 and spring of ‘91.