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Oded Bendov Passes Away

His antenna designs aided FM broadcast

Dr. Oded Bendov, a noted antenna designer, passed away April 2. He was 76.

Though he was most noted for his work in television, Bendov’s work had significant ramifications for radio broadcasters. According to Radio World’s Technical Advisor Tom McGinley, “His circular polarization antenna invention substantially mitigated ghosting for TV and quickly caught on for FM to reduce multipath and noise. That dramatically improved FM reception in moving cars and changed FM forever, helping it to surpass AM popularity earlier than it otherwise would have.”

Bendov was the designer of the original World Trade Center antenna array and later consulted for other arrays in New York, including the redevelopment of the Empire State Building array.

He was a long-time employee of Dielectric along with being the holder of antenna-related patents and published many papers on the subject.