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OEM Chooses NextRadio for FM Tuner

BLU Products makes app default for Android products

Mobile phone manufacturer BLU Products will include the NextRadio app as the native FM tuner for all its new 2016 Android devices, TagStation announced.

“BLU not only turned on the FM chip for their current customers but will make it a preloaded on all new phone releases, which makes this a big opportunity for listener and advertiser growth for the entire radio industry,” said NextRadio President Paul Brenner.

To date, BLU Products has sold 30 million prepaid or no-contract smartphones in more than 40 countries.

“BLU Products is excited about NextRadio providing a better FM radio listening experience on its smartphones,” said BLU Products Senior Director of Business Development Mariana Ferreira. “This is a great win for all BLU customers who will now enjoy a new, free entertainment option, as well as a benefit for us to be able to offer unique features that set our products apart from the rest.”

NextRadio is available also on Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, and will be available for download on Android devices from AT&T and T-Mobile in 2016. The app is also supported on new HTC phones as well as Motorola’s Moto G and E phones with all major wireless carriers.