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Oklahoma State Lawmaker Supports LPFM Broadcasting Without Federal License

Charles Key positions it a case of states’ rights

“Certain radio transmissions not causing harm or interference are not to be considered interstate commerce or subject to federal regulation …”

An Oklahoma state legislator believes the state has more authority over low-power FMs than the Federal Communications Commission.

Rep. Charles Key, a Republican, has introduced a bill into the state legislature that would give LPFMs that don’t interfering with existing stations authority to broadcast without a federal license.

That’s according to the Oklahoma Watchdog Web site, which notes Key has supported similar bills in the past, “including one reaffirming the 10th Constitutional amendment reserving to states and the people all powers not specifically delegated to the U.S. or prohibited to the states,” according to the account.

The FCC recently disagreed with an unauthorized station in Texas that did not believe the federal government has the authority to license stations in that state. In that case, the FCC fined the pirate $10,000.